Tuesday, October 03, 2017

No business like show business

Not really:). Did a little local show here a couple weeks ago.  Not my best, let me tell you.  Seems like shows are just going downhill these days.  Too easy to order online.  

I confess, I prefer to order online as well.  No need to leave the house.  Get dressed?  Ugh.  

But there is something to be said about seeing the work up close and personal.  Fondling the beads in my case;). I got to educate a lot of people about my art, and got some nice feedback.  That being said, compliments to not feed the kiddos, am I right, fellow artists?  

So next time you go to an art show, or craft fair, spend a little of your hard-earned money.  Show the artists some love:)


As for me, I will be listing a ton of work in my online shop .  Go have a look, yes?  

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