Friday, October 25, 2013


 I love the trees ( and bushes :) changing colors...
 I love pumpkins on porches....

I love skully jewelry :)......

I love all things orange....

and green.....

I love decorating for Halloween....

But most of all I love the little guy behind the mask, who lvoes this time of year as much as I do!

Here is a list of the rest of the participants!!  Please hop on over to their blogs to see more fall inspirations!!

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Pepita said...

What a nice post!!! Love is all around .... :-D

Shaiha said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing what fall means to you.

Kathy Lindemer said...

Your Halloween necklace is very cool and lots of fun!

Nelly May said...

What a great post! Love your piccies. And cor! Love that necklace with the graduated orange colours!

Designed by Vera said...

Excellent...I love the orange necklace it is so vibrant! Thanks for posting.

KayzKreationz said...

I really love the colors of fall, too. Great pieces. I really like your orange bracelet. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the things you love about fall!

Jasvanti Patel said...

I love your post, so cute

kmorgan said...

What cool necklaces! The beads are gorgeous & I just love the colors! :) The macrame takes me back to the 70's & it is so wonderful that it's back in style again. Great job!

Christina Wright said...

Hay... I just LOVE the Green necklace!!!! How much $$$ is it???
It's my color you know...

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the Green necklace!!!
How much $$ is it??? You know it's my color!!! =^,^=