Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kate McKinnon

has a rather lovely post today that includes a blip about yours truely:

Kate McKinnon

My 15 minutes of fame!  Have you ordered the book?

Contemporary Geometric Beadwork

It will be a must-have.  Certainly!


BeadWhisperer said...

I visited you today via Kate McK. That's one fabulous book, and you make some very wonderful beads! I just happen to 'need' some lampwork discs.

Charlotte said...

I also came here via Kate, and your necklace that she showed is stunning! I think that I am in need of some spacers. You do beautiful work.

Jodie said...

I have a soft spot for discs myself! And I am loving all the "Friday Updates"......how about you?

Charlotte said...

I love the Friday updates! What a great marketing idea. There is just so much great stuff to see. The book should be fabulous.

christina said...

I have put my order in and am looking forward to the book!!!
I, however get to play with "Jodie Beads" regularlly!!!!!!!!
And I just LOVE every single one
of them!!!!
Everyone needs some "Jodie Beads"!!

Way to go Jodie, w/your 15 minutes of fame!!! I just bet it will last WAY longer than 15 minutes!!!

=^,^= christina