Wednesday, August 01, 2012


 I have time to show you my pics from the Jeannette Cook workshop!  This is the bracelet I made in class.  I already have another one finished, and 3 more in the works :)
 Parts and pieces for the lariat:
 I finished these in class, and am working a bit here and there to finish the rest.  Done?  Not.  Even.  Close.
 And the Curl.....very fun to make.  And easy once you get the trick.  This one is almost ready for it's necklace piece.  And i have another one going.
 I'll post more pics when they are closer to being complete.
For now, I am recovering from last weekend's show, and gearing up for the next.  Which will be August 18th....trunk show at Beads and Boutique.  Formally known as Aquarius Beads.  Come see me?!?


christina said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! as always!!!
I will have to remember to come
back to your blog to look at your bits & pcs from J.C.'s w/s when
I go to work on them again... :)

And a lovely curl as well!!!

Way to go...

Jodie said...

Thanks! You're my biggest fan I think :)