Sunday, April 08, 2012


and lots of them:) I made these crochet might remember the lariats that are like this.....but much, much longer, of course. yes, they are assymetrical. and yes, they are different lengths. loooonnng lengths.

I just did not care. love how long and crochet-cool they are:) and then more of these: from my tutorial that you can find to the right of your screen.

these have my new "ink blot" beads on the ends. fabulous!

but two pair in purple? what is my purple thing I have going on lately?

also, I made these lovely colorful babies:

that frame your face, and bounce around in a fun and hip way

also, on the long side.

what is with me and all the long earrings?

well, that about covers it. you all have a nice chocolate bunny now.

1 comment:

christina wright said...

Way cool!!!! as always...

I have notes in one of my idea books about doing little crocheted
ones to match the Lariats, but I have not made any yet.
And the other ones are really cool too... Long is IN for earrings!!

And now for your Ink Blot Stick ones... WOW!!! I JUST LOVE them!!
and in purple, one of my faves!!!