Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stick Earring Tutorial!

Start off with a nice mix of beads...some 11's, 15's, 8's...maybe some cubes or triangles. Really, whatever you have that you think goes. I try to keep mine pretty much monochromatic, but you can do whatever your heart desires. Some smaller sized accent beads like baby lampwork spacers (from my shop!) or crystals and fire polish beads, small wood rounds...again, whatever you have. Just keep in mind the weight. Ear wires, of course, and a needle and waxed thread.

This picture shows enough beads to make at least 2 pair of earrings. With leftovers. Start by laying out the way you want to peyote your beads. Do an even number of each bead...it makes it much easier.

After you have them strung to your liking, start doing peyote. Now, if you do not know how to do peyote, there are plenty of tutorials on this subject online, or at the back of any beading magazine.

After you have gone up the strand, do another row..ending at the bottom of your earring.

At this point, you're going to want to string up your little accent beads. I have used a firepolish, a pinch bead, a couple crystals, a lampwork spacer bead and a dangle bead. After you have those strung, go back up through like you're making a fringe.

When you reach the peyote section, run your needle and thread back up through the outside edge, adding no beads. You are just re-enforcing the edge.

When you get back to the top of your earring, you want a loop. Here you have a couple of choices. You can sew the loop to a closed jump ring, or a length of chain, or just make the loop to attach your piece to the ear wire. Your decision.

Mine has 6 size 15 seed beads, but you do whatever you want. Fun, right? Next, go back down the side that has NOT been re-enforced, adding no beads. Just run your thread back down through the peyote and then through your accent beads to give that a bit of strength.

Now you are almost finished. That didn't take long, right? Sew back up with your working thread and tie it off. Clip that end. Now, take your tail and pass through the loop to re-enforce and tie off the tail and cut. Done. Now, make a matching earring. Or not...you can always be artistic and make an asymmetrical pair.

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Christina Wright said...

WOW!!! Just for me???, you know
I was going to ask you to do this for a bead meeting... he, he...

Oh, wait... you already have!!
and I loved EVERY minute of it!!

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL tutoriall!!!