Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beaded Cord Tutorial!!!

Want to make this cool, adjustable cord for your pendants? Get ready!!!

You're going to need a 1 yard length or so of cord, (I use the satin rattail, but you can use virtually anything), a wrapped pendant or change-a-bead pendant, and a small amount of size 8 seed beads. First we need to make a flat section of peyote. Double your thread! This part is going to see some wear & tear. If you do not know how to do peyote--Google it or check the back pages of any beading magazine. My piece is 8 beads long:

Make it wide enough to go over your cording, pretty tightly. You want it to grab but still be able to move if you want to adjust it.
Lay the ends of your cord with the tails pointing is opposite directions over your piece of peyote. Please note--the working thread is coming out one side and the tail is one the other side. There should be the same number of beads going across each end. Mine has 6 beads. You'll need to adjust this according to what cord you're using.
Don't forget to put your pendant on before you do the next step!!
Zip up the flat peyote section into a tube, with the tails encased, being sure not to pierce your cord with the needle. This piece needs to slide over the cord.

Bury your tail and working thread in the beads and clip close to your tube.

Now make a shorter tube for the end. Mine is 4 beads high, 4 across.

Put this piece on the end of your cord, and bury your threads. Tie a knot in the end of the cord so this piece stays put.

Do the same step to the other end. Now you're done! Isn't it pretty?

Pull the ends to make it shorter, pull the center of the cord to make it longer. Slick! I love this look--casual but finished. And so wearable!
Now, I'm sure this isn't new, but it's new to me :) Enjoy the tutorial and make lots. Give a little nod to me (mention my blog :) when your friends ask you where you learned to make something so cool!!!


TanyaMcGuire said...

This just makes me wish I had some rattail. Maybe Wally World will have some.

Carla said...

Great project! Thanks so much for including the how-to! :)

Jodie said...

Tanya--you can use any ribbon, cord, leather--no worries :)

Carla--Thanks! And thanks for the linky love :)

christina said...

Way cool... now when ever I can't
remember how 2 do that stitch, I will come to your blog to re-learn it... thank U so much for that...

and the pile of beads with new colors is cool too... did I see white and a clear peridot color???

HJC Editor said...

Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to share! I love your blog!


Joanna i Pan Lew said...

That is cool. Thank you for sharing!

Deborah Matthews said...

This is a wonderful idea. Thank u 4 sharing.

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