Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coco Chanel....

is doing great, as still appears to be a hen (so far!):She's getting her big-girl feathers, but still has some down on her head. Makes her look a bit funny. Don't tell her I said that, though :) She loves to "roost" on me--I think she thinks I'm her mama.

The plants around my home are doing well so far this spring. I put these in last year about this time. Glad to see they decided to come up again:
These just got potted yesterday:My Gramma J always had the Hen & Chick plants, so I got one in her memory. Now if the bunnies stay away from it, that would be nice.

And finally-----this Saturday and Sunday I'll be beading with Sherri Serafini. A couple of the combos I have picked out:
I have several small boxes of color palettes like these ready to go, just to make sure I have the right things with me. Beading away from my studio is hard these days. I'm so used to having everything within arm's reach! Maybe I should just pack up my entire studio?

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Sarah said...

Thank you for letting me shop your spacers. They will be so much fun to use...if I don't KEEP them!