Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More glass cabs...

out of the kiln this morning:eclectic little group, isn't it?My favorite? The all seeing eye:

The shadow is me and the camera--pay it no heed :)

I think I'll be making more eyes--they're going to be great once you add a nice beaded bezel!


Mary said...


Christina~Black Cat Gallery said...

WOW!!! U always do such good work.
Fish, Frogs, Birds, Flowers, baby spacers, discs, doll forms & faces,
Cuffs, scarves, purses, bags.
Just when I think U can't surprise
me... Your cabs R totally WOW, but
that Eye cab is soooo very life like, and the black eye liner is just perfect... will U be makeing more of them??? I hope so...

Jodie said...

Thanks, Mary :)

Stina--more, many more to come.