Tuesday, August 04, 2009


..from Hastings! A very good show, of course. Thanks to everyone that came out to see the artists :)

I scored this change-a-bead ring at the show:
and immediately had to go through my bead trays for beads that will fit. I chose these bright, fun ones for the remainder of summer. Next, I'll have to make a cool fall one to go on.

This week, I'll be making lots of super-cute kits for my workshops! Did youknow that each kit will be different, so when you make your Pagoda Pendant, it will be unique to you? There's still a bit of space left in my re-run workshop on the 16th if you want to get in! E-mail me :)

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Pixybug Designs said...

I think the gal with the rings sold quite a few! We had gals looking at Chris's beads to fit the rings too. Got the application for the Lincoln bead show, great to see you~Love my ring in fact I have it on right now!