Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On my table..

there are several projects! Like this guy, "Locust Song": He just needs some finishing fringe and he'll be ready to go :)

And these discs for "Tie One On" necklaces:
Along with more earring pairs.
And these lentils & rounds:
Destined to become pendant/earring sets. Pretty florals, yes?
So you can see, I have been busy--I'll have lots of new things for my next three shows. Check the sidebar for a locations!


Bea said...

Do you make blow these yourself? They are beautiful! I guess you already know that you have a talent! Although I am not into making jewelry I love looking at them! I was just cruising through other blogs and came upon them. Good luck with your work!

Jodie said...

Yes, I make the beads myself :) And thank you!