Sunday, June 21, 2009

Farmer's Market

This is my small, unassuming space a the Piedmont Farmer's Market. No tent--just an umbrella. No tablecloths--just my tables parked in front of my vehicle. No frills--just me and a great bunch of beads for sale. Selection changes a bit every Saturday--new beads I've made during the week, different trays so you always have something fresh to fondle. I'm there every Saturday, unless it's raining buckets out. I might melt. I am made of sugar, don'tcha know?


Justanothergirl said...

Great display Jodie! Ive been doing a farmers market on Wednesdays. I miss you all!

Jodie said...

Hey, there! How's the market going for you?

Justanothergirl said...

Im loving it! Im making loads of new artist friends.