Friday, May 08, 2009


I can still make round beads :)
I'll be at University Place (48th & St. Paul) this Saturday for the Art Festival. Come see me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jodie! I LOVE all of the new beads and pretties that you have been making. I hope you got the pics I sent to your cell of my recent work...I have my stuff in one store and a gallery and ran out of things to show so I am making more like a crazy lady! I have two more galleries to hit up and the 1st one wants more atuff. I am going to be the featured artist in a bead store in July and in September. I hope this finds you well and that the show goes great tomorrow...I miss doing shows with you! Im working on getting into the Bigfoot Festival here and have other shows lined up for this year and next. Hugs! Tonia