Saturday, April 11, 2009

Studio Torching!

I made my first beads in the studio today!! Broke in the new torching table real good :) Ice tea and cheeze balls make for a fun torching environment:

Those are my jars of mandrels chillin' in jars of split peas in the background.

Is that beer in the fridge? Well, yes--but it's for later:)Presses, bead release and a box of shorty glass pieces:

Well, that's it for the torch tour. Watch for the pics of new beads coming soon!


Cindy said...

Where did you get BOM? I had a terrible time getting my last bottle. I am half way thru it, I don't use any other bead release.

Jodie said...

Cindy--Frantz had it last time I ordered. Love that stuff!