Tuesday, March 24, 2009


All those months of gathering treasures is finally paying off with the creation of my studio. It's coming along fantastically. No pictures yet--soon--I want to wait a bit, until it's almost finished. I say "almost" since (knowing me) it be a life-long work in progress. Adding things here, taking away there. I'm imagining long afternoons of beading and making beads in a sunlit room with a large table and all my "stuff". Good times.

This weekend--Saturday and Sunday--I'll be at the Pershing Center in Lincoln selling my wares. Come out and have a look, won't you? There will be lots of beads, cabs & cool things to check out.

April 4th is the Omaha Bead Bazaar, in Omaha, of course :) I'll be there as well. Sharing my space will be Mona, with lots of really cool felted things. Glass and felt and fabric--what could be better?

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