Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now that my shows are finished for this year, I have turned my creative efforts towards gifts for the holidays. This week I have already completed three crochet scarves and finally finished an afghan that has been half done for at least a year now :) Soon I will be dusting off my Bernina sewing machine and cranking out stuffed toys for the boys and handbags for the girls.

There's new beads on Etsy if you're feeling the bug to make holiday gifts!! A handmade bracelet or earrings is always appreciated. These were listed today:


tami and todd said...

I just LOVE the colors of your beads! I really wished I had money so I could use your beads for cmas presents, but we're back to being poor college students :( But I promise, one day we will have money again, and I will be so happy to stock up on your beads!!

Jodie said...

I know about that! I'm a starving artist, you know :)