Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Ayden's birthday! He's one already, can you believe it? Here he is playing with his balloons on Aunt Lisa's lap:

Better pictures later when I get my other camera's film developed :)

And finally! I got to the torch!

A fun set of hollows & hearts:

And I'm back on the palette-themed beads again!, This one is called "The Sudan" from Margie Deeb's book, "The Beader's Color Palette":
A nice set of neutrals with touches a pink--very delicious!

You can find her book here:


Margie Deeb said...

Hi Jodie,

I really like how you have interpreted two palettes from my new book, "The Beader's Color Palette." Your beads are gorgeous, and its thrilling for me to see how the colors speak through you.

May I post your photos on my website in the "Your Work" section with credit to you?


Margie Deeb

Jodie said...

Of course you can! I am loving your newest book--you can look forward to many beads coming out of your fantastic color palettes! Thanks for the inspiration!