Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some pictures from the Kearney show this weekend!!

My wonderful helper-girl: The jewelry section of my table:

The bead section, full of shoppers:

The table where I spent some of my money :)
Thanks to all who came to support this starving artist!!!!!

Tomorrow--pictures of the loot I brought home!


Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks for helping keep Mina occupied Saturday! She had a great time helping you, and talked about you A LOT on the way home and yesterday! Great picture of her by the way~it was great to be set up beside you!

Carla said...

Great to see you on Saturday! Your beads, jewelry and booth looked gorgeous on Saturday, as always--and what a nice picture of Mina! It was a fun day.

Jodie said...

Hey--it was great hanging out with you all too! Mina was such a great help! Thanks for letting me borrow her for the day :)

Carla--I do not know how you set up such a cool table with so little to carry in & out. Help me!! My car was loaded and it took me four trips to get it all in!!

Carla said...

You have a LOT more product at shows than I do! :-) Thanks for the kind comments about the booth. I really like the little cart that I got at the hardware store--it carries big plastic toters or my wheelie suitcases pretty well.