Saturday, September 22, 2007

First of all, Ayden would like to know if you think this outfit makes his butt look big??

Secondly--here's more beads!!
Fall dotties:
Black & White big flower discs:

Have you seen the new issue of Beadwork? There's a really cool pirate bracelet with a skull button as the clasp. Well, I had to give those a try!! Here's the result:
Now to make myself a pirate bracelet!!


Stephanie Haussler said...

love the skulls, and ayden has great taste in literature! Cool flowers!

Sarah said...

I'm loving the flower discs and the skulls! Ayden is just too cute, at any angle!

grandmacarnes said...

OH MY GOODNESS, his little body is getting bigger. I LOVE Dr. Seuss. My kids loved all the books, even though they were tongue twisters, we read them to the kids every night before bed. Karen's favorite was 'THE LORAX.' He is so cute, I can't get enough pictures of him, it's nice to see him filling out. I loved that hat, it is just so full of personality.

Jodie said...

Stephanie & Sarah--Thanks!! His Great Grandma gave himthat outfit and he's almost outgrown it already :(

Cindy--He is becomming a little porker--in a good way! Ayden likes The Cat in the Hat best so far :)