Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My newest project, a beaded vessel

Passion Flower:

Pattern by Laura McCabe. It was really fun to make--you make all the pieces and parts until you have this little pile of cool things on your table, then you sew them all together into the pendant. Much different than the way I usually work! I also learned a lot while making it and have some good ideas for using parts of the pattern for different projects. So very much worth the price of the pattern, in my opinion!

I'm also in the middle of working on my July Beaded Art Journal page. Yes, I said my July page!! I'm a bit behind--but I'll catch up soon I hope!


The Family Jewels said...

Those pictures are good, but it SO much better in person!

I had a great time hanging out with you today even if there was a catfish in your street.

Stephanie Haussler said...

That is very cool! Pretty hard to fit beading in around babies I would imagine!

Jodie said...

Thanks, Tonia!

Stephanie--Thanks! It's really hard to get much done around here! My torch is gathering dust over here!

belvedere beads said...

your passionflower is lovely - but not as lovely as that beautiful baby!

Jewels said...

Ooh! that looks nifty! (DH HATES that word, LOL!) I like it a lot, very detailed. But then again, would I expect anything less from a LJ McCabe design? ;)