Friday, August 10, 2007

I snuck up on Ayden as he was napping yesterday--dreaming of something real serious, I think!


TanyaMcGuire said...

I still think babies are the most amazing when they are sleeping.

The Family Jewels said...

SO adorable! Even cuter in person! I think he gets his good looks from his grandma!

Jodie said...

Tanya--they are, aren't the? And it nevr changes, either! I still like all my teenagers better when they're asleep!

Tonia--Ha! Too funny!

Mary said...


He looks so cute. Maybe I can meet him on Saturday. Keep on taking pictures.

Jewels said...

OMG! he's so adorable! I forget how tiny my daughter was, until I see a newborn.
Just today, while taking her to the park, we saw a little 2-yr. old, toddling along, trying his best to get away from mommy. You just forget... now I totally get whenever my elders told me "Enjoy every moment, 'cause it goes by so fast"... I mean, think about it: this is your grandson! How amazing is that?
Oh, I just want to munch on those tiny fingers! LOL! ;)