Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hello!! I'm back today! I've been very busy with the baby and my husband also had surgery this week--I'm really very tired of hospitals!! Anyway--I've been working on Ayden's Yo-Yo quilt top--here's a picture of some of the Yo-Yo's:

And here's the Twisted Herringbone that was taught at the last bead society meeting:

I didn't get very far but it looks pretty nice--I'll have to work on it more after everyone gets settled in around here!


The Family Jewels said...

Those yo yo's are great! Let me know when everything gets settled.

Carla said...

Hi Jodie!
Enjoyed our conversations at Art in the Park in Grand Island. Been hoping that things have been going well--sounds like you really have your hands full! Take care! The Yo Yos are really cool. Great colors!