Friday, July 06, 2007

Check out these yummy fabric strawberries from Ronda at

I'm deciding if I want to entirely cover them in beads or just highlight them with a few red beads here & there. Better get over there and order yours before they're all gone!! While you're there, check out her Bead E Art Zine--I got my copy a couple of weeks ago and it's full of great tips & techiniques for beaded art dolls. Delicious!!


Sarebear said...

What size are these? I just ordered a pair, even though I've never bead embroidered before; a strawberry pendant was going to be my first project; if these are too large for that, that's ok; I have NO interest in beading dolls or doll forms, but these are the first "forms" that have ever made me want to bead something stuffed!

Jodie said...

They're not too big--a pendant would be really cool--especially since there's a loop at the top!

TanyaMcGuire said...

These look all summery too must be the mood everyone is in beach beads and summer strawberries. yummy!