Sunday, May 27, 2007

Okay, one more post today then I'll be quiet! I'm looking for some honest feedback here, folks! I made these fabric cuff bracelets--they're about 3/4" wide, wildly stitched, frayed & bright colors with a smaller price tag, meant for the younger shopper (teens). What do you think?

Never make those hideous things again!

Or: cool idea--keep running with it & make a bunch for your next show!


Anonymous said...

I really like how they turned out...even better than you were explaining! I could also see them with some of your potato chip beads sewn flatly on there or maybe some with eyelets through them. Maybe even some with some daggers or glass flowers. Your flat heart beads would also look cute on there (the ones with the hole that runs front to back) and then put a bit of a dangle hanging from the center. Wow! I'm tired and my mouth is running. Really I like them and I think I need to get one for my twelve year old before she leaves. Have a great holiday!
- Tonia

Stephanie Haussler said...

Pretty! The coordination thread and bead with the fabric work. It is definitely different from what I have seen you make! I think wild fabrics are the way to go then you can pick out colors in the fabric to match the thread and bead to. Animal print would be cool! You are a trend setter!

Stephanie Haussler said...
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Jewels said...

What a fantastic way to use up scrap fabrics!!! I love them. They're very neat, and for the younger shoppers, looks like they might be washable. You done did good with these little babies Jodie. I say "Cool idea -- keep running with it & make a bunch for your next show!" ;)

Ooh, make tons in:
Black & White
Black & Red
Green & Blue
Wow, the possibilities are endless, aren't they ;)