Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here's two of the five bracelets I've created this week:

This one is "Twig". Seed beads, leaves and unknown green stones:

This one is "Berries". Seed beads, lovely pearls and unknown dark pink stones:

I bought the stones at Beads & Botanicals, so maybe Carla will chime in with their names! More new bracelet pics soon!


Stephanie Haussler said...

Beautiful! Where did you get your leaf beads?

Jodie said...

Stephanie--I find them everywhere--Jo Ann's has some Blue Moon leaf & flower beads now that I like, and I find lots at bead shows. I think maybe Hobby Lobby carries some as well.

Carla said...

I had forgotten about those pink ones--such great stones and a gorgeous bracelet! I'll fish around in my memory and see if I can recall the name of those stones.