Monday, April 02, 2007

What do you get from one tube of mixed seed beads, one tube of mixed accent beads and one set of lampwork beads?

One fringe bracelet with matching earrings:

One freeform bracelet with matching earrings:
And, I still have lots of beads left over for another project--but that's for another day! Never mind the lacking earwires--I need to place a big order for silver soon!


Mary said...


You have been busy today. What time do you leave Grand Island on the 14th? Thanks.

Jodie said...

Let's see--my show is until 4:00, then I'll have dinner with my mom & sister--so it's hard to say what time I'd be leaving! You're going to be in Kearney, right?

Mary said...


Yes, I will be in Kearney. I don't know what time I will get done. I will probably call your cell when I get done.

Jeanie said...

So very beautiful. Again, your color choices are so very pleasing and peaceful! I am really enjoying browsing your blog!