Friday, April 13, 2007

Bullseye Odd Lots. Bullseye--a company that makes my glass rods right here in the US. Odd Lots--glass rods that were made by "accident" or as an experiment. There is usually only one run, so get it while you can!! Yesterday I received my shipment of April's Odd Lots, ( is there anything more fun than getting a glass order?) so today I made lots of beads with my new colors!

Here's Moody Blue--wouldn't this be fantastic with some blue-lace agate and some nice, big, white pearls?

This is Clear over White--a nice, milky color that also looks great under another transparent glass:
This is Opaque Turquoise with Deep Blue Algae--it's yummy & sparkley:

This is the Clear over White covered with Blue-Green Algae--another totally yummy & sparkley color:

This is Mint Green (I'm so sad I only ordered half a pound!), paired with Blue Adventurine (loads of sparkle!):
And finally, Berry Tie-Dye over French Vanilla:

Okay, that's about it for my glass fun today! Tomorrow I'll be in Grand Island at Jo Bangles with all my beads and some fun bracelets--come see me if you're in the neighborhood, okay?


tami and todd said...

I love the mint-green beads, they are my fave!!!

Mary said...

Did you sell them all in Grand Island? I want to see the blue sparkly ones in person. Sorry I couldn't meet you yesterday.

Moon Stumpp said...

The odd lots are lovely colors!!!! The sets are totally fab...great beads for jewerly designs. The mint is special.

Jodie said...

Thanks! I love the mint too--why did I buy only half a pound??? So sad!!