Monday, February 05, 2007

Two more crochet bracelets--red & black----I think I might have it out of my system for a bit! The rings on these are handmade & "slide" over the base. No clasp--these bangles just slide over your wrist.


tami and todd said...

Crochet? I'd like to hear more about that since I'm a crochet nut... is that with a hook and all cause I'd never guess? Anyways it looks gorgeous & very creative!

Jodie said...

Yes--it's really crochet! You have to string all your beads on the thread first, then I used a tiny hook and started to crochet adding in a bead every stitch. when it's long enough--just sew the ends together. I like to add a little something at the connection since I'm not that good a sewing it so you can't see the seam!