Monday, January 29, 2007

New lampwork beads again today!

These have a nice spiral pressed into the glass to give texture.
These have really cool stripey organic shape that I love! I kept a few out to make a bracelet--I'll post a pic in the next few days when I have it finished!


Carla said...

The things you do with color makes your blog such a pretty place to stop in each morning!

Moon Stumpp said...

These are great shapes, nice colors too. They are going to work up into some totally amazing jewelry. I really like those spirals though.

Jodie said...

Thanks Carla & Moon! The spiral is easy--I just took a small mandrel & bent it into a spiral on one end. It's really easy to press into the bead & super cheap! Gotta love that! I learned that on LE--an endless source of information.

Moon Stumpp said...

Hey Jodie...thanks for the tip! I just got the texture presses in from Zoozil's but I like your spiral much better!
Thanks again...Moon