Thursday, January 04, 2007

More new beads--these are from yesterday's torch session.


Jewels said...

I got them! I got them! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and the top set is pretty cool, very "Mardi Gras'ish" ;)

"Laissez les bons temps rouller!"
(French for "Let the good times roll!", a famous saying in French New Orleans)

Jeanne Craine said...

Can it get any better than hot pink and black...super beads Jodie!

Jeanne Craine said...

Are these going on Etsy for sale?

Moon Stumpp said...

Great beads!! These are so hot that they sizzle on my monitor. :-)

Anonymous said...


I especially like the top set. Love the colors!


Jodie said...

Jewels--Yeah! Glad you like the beads I sent!!

Jeanne--actually, they're red, yellow & black. Must be a monitor thing! Anyway--I need to get some new things on Etsy--it's on my to-do list! Anytime you want a set that I post on my blog, just e-mail me, okay?

Moon & Mary--Thank you!!