Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More beads on Etsy! Pretty hearts just in time for Valentine's Day!!


Jewels said...

Let's see if my comment goes thru.....

I went to Etsy, and checked out your beads, Love the Citrus mix ones, I like the 'clear' edges on the ring part of the beads.

But Lady, I am in LOVE with your BUTTONS! Those are awesome! Would you consider making them in larger batches? (say, 5-6?). Just asking, for future refference, you know... ;)

Keep up the good work!

P.S.: I'm wearing an authentic Jodie Marshall bead RIGHT NOW!!!

Moon Stumpp said...

Totally kewl...these will make up into some wonderful jewelry. I really like the colors and the shape of the hearts.

Jodie said...

Jewels--Yes, I can make as many as you want! Just remember--the washer on delicate is okay--the dryer is a killer of glass beads!!

I still haven't received your package, BTW--and the postman might be in trouble soon if he doesn't deliver!! Customs is probably checking to make sure you weren't sending me Bin Laden in a bubble envelope. LOL!

What did you make out of the beads? I wanna see!

Moon--Thanks! The pink ones sold right after I posted them, so that's a good sign, anyway!

Jewels said...

Jodie, I'm going to check with Canada Post. I didn't get a single tracking #, 'cause my hubby was the one who dropped it off. He dropped off a package for my mom at the same time, and she only got hers YESTERDAY!!! (Hubby said he paid for EXPRESS! My patootie...)
I keep forgetting that things are crossing borders here. My friend Jin waited almost 2 weeks for a package from me last summer... And I waited as long for my goodies from her... Oh well, at least beads are non-perishable! LMBOOOOOO!!!!!
Okay, fingers crossed, if not today, tomorrow?

Jewels said...

*giggle*..."Bin Laden in a bubble envelope"... LoL! Isn't he dead yet? LMBO!!! I thought he got some kind of meningococcal virus of some sort in one of the deep caves of Kandahar... LOL!!!

LMBO! We better be careful, before we get flagged for some sort of US/Can political interference!!! ;)

Jodie said...

Yes, we'd better be careful! Wouldn't want to cause an "incedent"!