Monday, January 15, 2007

Lots of beads were made this weekend--here a few of my favorites!
These remind me of snakeskin, and are a nice tiny size perfect for bracelets! The entire strand of 16 beads is just 5.5" long.

I just love the colors in these! Another strand of tiny beads--12 beads measure 4".
This is an oddlot color from Bullseye--that means when it's gone, it's gone! Superman with Raku frit. Very nice color combo!
And last--an organic set. A nice set for a necklace and the big rounds are hollow. Yummy!

Well that's it for today--enjoy the eye-candy! I'm off to the torch!


Moon Stumpp said...

You are right, GREAT eye candy. Love those minis in the first picture....great hollows and great colors...great raku set. You are a busy lady! Thanks for the pics!

Jodie said...

Moon---Thanks! I've been working lots--maybe you have inspired me to get busy & make beads!?!

Anonymous said...

So, Jodie, how much for the second set? The Raku encased? Love the colors!! Mary

Wish I could come to NBS Thursday.

Jodie said...

Mary--sent you an e-mail about the beads. I wish you could come to NBS too! Better not chance it, though. It's gonna be cold & icy all week! BRRRRRRRR!